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Monisha Ahmed
Beyond the appeal of their lustrous surfaces and glowing colours, pieces of Himalayan jewellery have the power to reveal intimate facets of the lives of those who owned and wore them. Like a tiny mirror reflecting a society often distant in time and space, a single piece can reveal its wearer’s sex…
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Tiggy Allen
One doesn’t often think of men when talking about jewellery, unless you’re in Rajasthan, where jewellery traditions are as much a male domain as a female one. From turban ornaments to beaded necklaces, rings and earrings, male jewellery traditions are not just about decoration, but also symbols of…
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Dr Manorama B.N.
For any Indian classical dancer, except may be for the Manipuri performer, his or her ghungroo is a special and sacred ornament. This is particularly true of Yakshagana artistes in Coastal Karnataka. Every year when their annual tour begins, the Yakshagana artistes gather at the temple of their…
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Dr Manorama B.N.
The Sanskrit equivalent of ornament is bhooshana; the verb bhoosh means ‘to adorn or decorate with'. Indian classical dances, with the exception of Manipuri, often involve heavy foot work displaying complicated patterns of rhythm. The ghungroos or anklets worn by the dancer, of course, add to the…
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