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Prof. Rabindra Vasavada takes viewers through Rani no Hazira, the tomb complex of the queens of Ahmed Shah I and other rulers of the Gujarat Sultanate. The principal tomb belongs to Mughalai Bibi, the wife of Muhammad Shah II and mother of Mahmud Begada. Rani no Hazira is located in Manek Chowk in…
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Swapna Liddle
  From the time of its inception in the mid–17th century, the physical and cultural fabric of Shahjahanabad has borne the stamp of women patrons. Some women during the Mughal era enjoyed considerable wealth and influence. They could inherit and own landed and other property, and this gave them the…
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Anubhav Sapra
  Video transcript   Anubhav Sapra: This is a very famous shop named Haji Shabrati Nehariwala. It has been here since 1957. In the morning, they cook a dish named Nahari, which literally means morning. People come here in the morning for breakfast. Traditionally, people used to eat Nalli, Nahari…
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