Indian poets

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B.N. Goswamy
Nizam al-Din Abu Muhammad Ilyas bin Yousuf, known popularly, and simply, as Nizami, was one of the greatest Persian poets. Prof. B.N. Goswamy talks about the author of ‘Laila wa Majnun’ and his contribution to literature through the five-part Khamsa (Photo courtesy: Library of Congress/Wikimedia…
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Dr Sutapa Chaudhuri
Bengali writer Toru Dutt is often considered the first Indian poetess to write in French and English. At a time when Indian writers were facing a lot of criticism from English litterateurs, Dutt’s work was not only appreciated but even republished. Although she died at the tender age of 21, Dutt’s…
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Souradeep Roy
Purushottama Lal, popularly known as P. Lal, was a poet, translator and essayist. Most significantly, he was also the publisher-owner of Writers Workshop in Calcutta. Here we revisit the contributions of Lal and Writers Workshop to Indian-English literature. (Photo courtesy: Ananda Lal) ‘Somebody…
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Nirupama Dutt
Punjabi poetess Amrita Pritam is regarded as the high priestess of love, a crusader for parity and a rare romantic-feminist. Sahapedia pays a tribute to the woman who became the first modern poet of Punjab at the age of 16. (Photo Courtesy: Public Domain) A drop of your love had blended in So I…
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