Harvest Songs

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Manan Kapoor
India has a host of harvest festivals, of which Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Pongal and Bihu are some of the more popular ones. However, there are several other similar harvest festivals celebrated by various tribes, regions and cultures that might not be as well known, but are an essential aspect of…
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In this article, Durga Bhagvat looks into the Karma festival, the harvest festival celebrated in parts of Madhya Pradesh and the adjoining states, along with the story behind the festival, the rituals, songs and dances associated with it.
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In this article, Komal Kothari describes how he and Vijaydan Detha established Rupayan Sansthan in 1960, wanting it to be 'wholly "saturated" with the oral tradition of the inhabitants'. An introduction to the music, ballads, practices and lore recorded in the thousands by the institute for…
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