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Kalaiyarasan A. and Shruti Ragavan
In January 2017, protests and demonstrations were held across Tamil Nadu challenging the 2014 ­Supreme Court (SC) ban on a rural traditional sport—Jallikattu. Alongside the movement, a debate raged in electronic and print media (both in English and Tamil) on the history, politics and ethics of…
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Shruti Chakraborty
We comb through the unique tribal practices in Chhattisgarh’s heartland, where once the modest comb was highly regarded as a symbol of a Muria man’s love and desire. (Photo Source: Courtesy Mushtak Khan/Sahapedia)   There is no doubt that anything can be turned into an object that symbolises love…
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Aravindhan C. and Rabboni Rabi
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Shruti Ragavan
The following text is based on an interview with Rahul by Vasudev R. and Vivek R. at Vadipatti, in the Madurai district of Tamil Nadu, in December 2017.[i]  It provides a first-hand account of a group of young men, belonging to different caste groups, who came together in order to create and…
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Kalaiyarasan A.
The massive protests of Tamils against the ban on Jallikattu, a bull-taming sport held during the harvest festival of Pongal, attracted much attention across the world in 2017. This sport, which till then had been prevalent among only a small number of communities in a few districts in southern…
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Kalaiyarasan A. and Shruti Ragavan
Jallikattu is a festival/sport celebrated in rural Tamil Nadu on the occasion of the harvest festival Pongal, where men engage in a contest to try and catch a running bull’s hump in order to secure a pouch of coins hung around the bull’s horn. In light of the Supreme Court ban on the festival in…
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M.R. Vishnuprasad
  Neelamperoor Padayani is a ritual festival held at Neelamperoor, Kuttanadu taluk, Alappuzha district, Kerala. It is a fifteen-day long festival in which various effigies of human and nonhuman figures are displayed. There are different kinds of performances in Kerala and Neelamperoor Padayani is…
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Jayaram Poduval
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