Festivals of Kerala

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Dr P.S. Easa
For millennia, humans and elephants have shared the earth and lived together in harmony. In fact, elephants have attracted humans from time immemorial; at first with astonishment for their size, tusks and unusual trunks, and then admiration, devotion and fear. Elephants have come to be seen as…
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Prof. M. Madhavankutty
Elephant pageants are a unique feature of Kerala. A festive parade is usually accompanied by a percussion orchestra and is a showcase of the expert skills of all the artisans involved, especially those who work so meticulously to design the fineries displayed on the elephants during the pageant.…
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Dr P.S. Easa
Elephants have been managed in captivity in the country for a long time. Elephants have been captured from the wild using different techniques depending on the countries or regions. Traditional methods like Khedda, pit method, etc. are recently replaced with chemical capture. The captured elephants…
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Abul Kalam Azad
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M.R. Vishnuprasad
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