Feroz Shah Kotla

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The name Ebrahim Alkazi (1925–2020) is often regarded as a synonym of contemporary Indian theatre. His greatest vision was to make the National School of Drama truly ‘national’ by not only assimilating students from across India, but also providing a platform for regional and folk arts. Here, we…
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Sudha Shivpuri shares her experiences of Andha Yug
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Mohan Maharishi's reminiscences of Ebrahim Alkazi's production of Andha Yug in Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi. He recalls Alkazi saying, 'you guys have to compete with that stone, with that monument in the background and come out as actors stronger than the monument.' He played the character of Sanjay in…
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Dharamvir Bharati's Andha Yug (1954) is a verse play from the narrative of the Mahabharata. The play is a selective elaboration of the aftermath of the 18-day war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. Bharati specifies the time span of the play as extending from the 'evening of the 18th day of the…
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