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Lakshmi Swaminathan
  This video elaborates on the deeper meaning of folk songs in the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh, with particular references to nature and tradition. It follows the songs as well as conversations with people who perform them.
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Barnamala Roy
  A cluster of hamlets and villages in Amtala, South 24 Parganas District (West Bengal) get their names from a community of fish farmers-'Ghora Para', 'Mondal Para', 'Mistry Para', 'Gure Para', 'Bera Para'. The farmers, here, can be found cultivating fish on their rooftops or in their backyard…
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Barnamala Roy
Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai are the chief contributors of ornamental fish farming in India. Of these the Kolkata port (around which the ornamental fisheries are centred in West Bengal) is responsible for exporting 90 per cent of indigenous fish from the country. Notwithstanding the brief history of…
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