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Azeez Tharuvana
Wayanad, in Kerala, is often described as the ‘valley of heaven’. Situated around 2,500–2,700 feet above sea level, it is a rich reserve of rare biodiversity. A mountain range of considerable significance in the Western Ghats, it has an area of 2132 sq. km, of which 37.07% is covered in forests.…
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English Bailey, H.W. 1939. The Ram Story in Khotanese. Journal of the American Oriental Society 59:460–68.   Bulcke, Camille. 2008. Ramakatha and Other Essays. New Delhi: Vani Prakashan.   Connor, J.P. 1925. The Ramayana of Burma. Journal of the Burma Research Society 15:80–81.   Dundes, Alan.…
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Kolkali ('stick dance') performed by the Wayanadan Chettis as part of their wedding festivities: the songs are based on oral narrations of the Ramayana and Mahabharata, such as the vanavasa (exile to the forest) of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita.
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K. Satchidanandan: The Ramayana, I have always felt and said, is not exactly a text but a tradition. A tradition that is various, that is diverse, that has so many layers and that is related to so many different kinds of cultures of the people of different classes—of the tribal people as well as…
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Azeez Tharuvana
The rich oral narratives of Wayanad challenge homogenous notions of the Ramayana, and celebrate the epic's plurality. Wayanad is a scenic district nestling among the hills in the Western Ghats in the north-east of Kerala. It has the largest tribal population in the state. Its several tribes have…
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Sananda Dasgupta
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Bharti Dayal is a Madhubani artist (National Awardee) from India. In the interview she talks about the history and present status of the Mithila style of painting as well as her own art practice.     Could you please tell us about the history and origin of Mithila painting?   Madhubani Art traces…
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Sunanda Sahay
“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up.” Pablo Picasso   Nestled in the flood plains of the Ganges, the Mithila region has given rise to ancient cultures and is the birthplace of a significant body of classical arts and literature. We find the earliest…
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