Dongariya Kondh

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Kanak Rajadhyaksha
A group of about 20 women arrive at the Dongariya Kondh Development Agency (DKDA) every morning for their embroidery training sessions. One group has been coming from Hundijali for a week now, a village about an hour into the hills from Bissumcuttack by the jeep they take, and then about half an…
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Kanak Rajadhyaksha
The Dongariya Kondh women embroider Kapdagondas for their family members, lovers and themselves. The Kapdagonda, they say, is an expression of love. Women usually gather in the evenings behind their homes and embroider together. A Kapdagonda may take anything between 15 days to six months to…
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Kanak Rajadhyaksha
The Dongariya Kondhs live in the Niyamgiri Hills in the Rayagada and Kalahandi districts in Odisha. This module introduces their tradition of embroidery on kapdagondas (shawls) and explores the artisans' perceptions of embroidery as work. 
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