David Shulman

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Yigal Bronner
One of the foremost minds in the field of Indology and linguistics today, 69-year-old David Dean Shulman was born and brought up in Iowa in the Midwest, USA. After finishing school, Shulman immigrated to Israel and gained a BA degree in Islamic History from Hebrew University. He grew fascinated…
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  Sudha Gopalakrishnan: Prof. Shulman, it has been a great privilege for me to ask you about your experiences with Kutiyattam. You have been coming to Kerala for the last six years to understand, to experience Kutiyattam. What made you come and fall so much in love with kutiyattam?   David Shulman…
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Sreedevi. D
Kutiyattam is the traditional representation of ancient Sanskrit dramas in the temples of Kerala. The module on this highly stylised art form contains articles by experts, interviews with artistes and scholars, quick facts, and photographs of the kuttampalams where the plays were performed.    
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