Creation Myths

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Riddhi Pandey
  In the earliest of times there was no land but only water all around. One fine day, God created the earth. Immediately after, two ascetics emerged from the depths of the ground. One of the ascetics was the Brahmin and the other was the Nanga Baiga. To the Brahmin, God gave pen and paper for…
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Menka Singh
Myths and legends play an essential role in creating the history of a region. Unlike academic history, the indigenous notion of history resonates more with the idea of 'itihaas' (Thapar 2013), or that which has been. It is the belief in what happened and not the reality of the events that took…
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Guru R.K. Achoubisana
Lai Haraoba is the re-enactment of creation. Embedded in this festival are the cultural and artistic traditions of Manipur. Even the Ras that came after Hinduisation has been inspired by the dance tradition of Lai Haraoba, whose dance gestures were composed in the choreography of Ras to express the…
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An excerpt from Arunachal: Peoples, Arts and Adornments in India's Eastern Himalayas by Peter van Ham. To buy visit… For more information visit
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