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Sujay Thakur in conversation with Somrita Urni Ganguly
  Edited transcript   Somrita Urni Ganguly: Today we’re moving from the narrow lanes and by-lanes of North Kolkata and the hustle and bustle of Central Kolkata to the South of the city. We are in Garia at the moment, right outside Garia metro station and Garia Bajar. And, we’re meeting Mr. Sujay…
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Somrita Urni Ganguly
Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the tenth and last ruler of Oudh, who was on the throne from 1847 to 1856, is said to have brought the biryani to Calcutta in 1856, when he settled in Metiabruz, on the outskirts of Calcutta, an impeached, broken ruler. The Nawab, who is known to have been a patron of music,…
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