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Jamini Roy   The Last Supper (1937–1940) at the Artsome     A. Ramachandran   Last Supper (1967) at Art of Ramachandran ‘In “The Last Supper”, Christ has been pushed under the table; all the disciples, then and in the subsequent centuries, are equally guilty of betrayal’ (Chaitanya 1994:312).    …
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Prof. T.K. Thomas
Easter  commemorates the  death  on  the  cross  of  Jesus  Christ and his  resurrection on  the third day after his crucifixion. Christ is the central figure in the Holy Bible comprising the Old and the New Testaments, as accepted by the overwhelming majority of Christians across the world,…
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Prof. T.K. Oommen
I think if one wants to understand the real importance of Easter, one must begin with the festival of unleavened bread. This is actually a Jewish custom, and Jesus was born and brought up as a Jew; Christianity arose only after his death. The ‘Last Supper’ was what the Jews also used to refer to as…
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