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Raziuddin Aquil
Introduction This article aims to explore the connections between the emergence of Delhi as a major Sufi centre and sanctuary of Islam and its becoming the seat of political power.[1] If Ajmer was the Mecca of Islam in Hindustan, Delhi emerged in the 13th and 14th centuries as its Medina. Three out…
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  Prof. Malekandathil describes what Sufi spaces meant to the people of 14th-century Delhi, many of whom were migrants from Baghdad or had come from rural areas seeking work in the army and workshops of the Sultanate. Sufism provided them direction, a way of making sense of their lives in an…
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Kuldeep Patowary and Shounak Ghosh
The evolution of Sufi networks in the emerging metropolis of the Islamic East (Delhi) from the 13th century onwards is traced through articles and interviews, looking particularly at interactions with the political establishment and society, so as to unravel the multiple roles played by the Sufis.
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