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Manasa Gowda & Ram Raj D
‘Channapatna Crafts Park’. Online at:; November 1, 2017.   Live Crafts, Channapatna Toy Making, YouTube video, 1:35, March 26, 2017,    ‘About Us’. Engrave, the Makers Market. Online at:;…
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The video explains the entire process of making Channapatna toys. The authors visited toy making units, both traditional hand-made and machine-made, to get a first-hand view of how ivory wood is converted into excellent toys that are safe for children. Ivory wood has a unique property of not being…
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Manasa Gowda & Ram Raj D
The artisans of Channapatna, the ‘Land of Toys’, are banking on the superior quality of their products to rejuvenate interest in their over 200-year-old art form, both in India and abroad. The World Trade Organization’s Geographical Indication gives them exclusive rights to sell their toys under…
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