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Hrishikesh Ingle
Prabhat was a studio encapsulating regional and national cinematic imaginaries, characterized by the intersection of creative exuberance with industrial/technological advancement in pre-independence India. Its name has metaphoric significance, as it ushered in a new prabhat (dawn) in the film…
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Hrishikesh Arvikar
India was a site of contested claims by regions attempting to stake their claim in the making of a nation. However, between nationalism and nationalisation, there is a window to the cultural world, more specifically in the lives of Indian cinema, which tells the story of the making, negotiating,…
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Hrishikesh Arvikar
Prabhat (1929–53), a regional film studio, was started as a collective under the political patronage of the King of Kolhapur. In 1934, it became one of the state-of-the-art studios in Asia when it shifted to Pune. This module explores the logistical, aesthetic, ideological and spatial manoeuvres…
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