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Nishita Banerjee
For 40 days in the year, an entire village in Rajasthan’s Mewar region loses itself in the celebrations of the mother goddess, Gavari. We train the spotlight in this unique festival in which all members of the local Bhil tribe come together to perform a mystical dance and music drama like none…
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Simran Agarwal and Shruti Chakraborty
With a multiplicity of customs and rituals attached to its celebration, ‘weddings’ sometimes take peculiar and interesting forms in the mosaic of cultures constituting India. We look at courtship and marriage customs in some Indian tribes. (In Pic: A couple from the Garo tribe; Photo Courtesy:…
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Sandhya Bordewekar Gajjar
Very few people, even within India, are aware that the indigenous or tribal communities that are spread across India are concentrated in the east-west belt and form almost 9% of the Indian population, with about 104 million people according to the 2011 Census of India. While some tribal communities…
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Hanoz H.R. Patel
Pithora wall painting is practised extensively among the Rathva Adivasi, in the districts of Chhota Udepur and Panchmahal of Gujarat. The Pithora painting is not merely a form of art for the Rathva, it is an integral part of the ritual for their chief god Baba Pithora. 
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