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The article is about the Bauls, mystic minstrels of West Bengal, with a focus on their lifestyle, the search for their innermost self and their role in modern media.
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Bandyopadhyay, Somendronath.  Bānglār Bāul: Kābyo ō Darśon.  Calcutta: Bookland, 1964.  Bandyopadhyay,Somen. “Baul Songs of Bengal and Their Modern Forms”, Study of Changes in Traditional Culture .Ed. By K.P. Chattopadhyay, Calcutta: University of Calcutta, 1957. Bhabha, Homi. The location of…
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Md. Intaj Ali
Baul is widely known and appreciated as a folk music of Bengal but it is a religious sect that espouses a specific philosophy through their songs. Members of the sect are called bauls, and what they sing is popularly called baul-gaan (baul songs). This wandering musicians has a special place in the…
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