Bastar Dussehra

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The Dussehra at Bastar is a rich and complex festival that celebrates the role of the Goddess Danteshwari as the titular deity in Bastar. The event includes the making of raths and their peregrinations, the assembling of local deities to welcome Danteshwari, rites of possessions, and the largely…
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Swarnima Kriti
  Dussehra in Bastar is a unique ritual as it is celebrated with extensive rigor for a period of seventy-five days during the month of ‘ashwin’ according to the Hindu calendar. It is a mesmerising event, celebrated earlier in year in a milder form during the month of ‘chaith’ (according to the…
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मुश्ताक खान
Bastar District in Chhattisgarh is home to many tribal groups. None have significant painting traditions. The Gond, Muria and Madia (Maria), the main tribal groups of the area, have a fine tradition of woodcarving but do not have a well-established painting tradition. The Bhatra and Parja tribes…
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