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Urmimala Sarkar Munsi
Alice Boner (1889–1981) a Swiss artist—surprisingly little known—spent her life in 20th-century India and received the Padma Bhushan from the President of India in 1974. Her paintings and sculptures were much appreciated throughout her lifetime and she was awarded an honorary doctorate by the…
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Interview with R.K. Srikantan Sahapedia: We are extremely thankful to you for giving us this opportunity to talk to you about your music and your life. With a life spanning more than nine decades, that too with an active musical career of 80 years, you enriched the Carnatic music scene as a great…
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Nandini Ramani
My training with Balasaraswati began in 1955 at her school established on the campus of the Music Academy, Madras, with my father Dr. V. Raghavan, the Academy’s long-time Secretary, playing a vital role in this endeavour. My elder sister Priyamvada was the first student of Bala at this school which…
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