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Shatabdi Chakrabarti
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Riddhi Pandey
  In the earliest of times there was no land but only water all around. One fine day, God created the earth. Immediately after, two ascetics emerged from the depths of the ground. One of the ascetics was the Brahmin and the other was the Nanga Baiga. To the Brahmin, God gave pen and paper for…
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Riddhi Pandey
  Traditional Karma Music of the Baiga Adivasis Village Gaura Kanhari, Baigachak region, Dindori District, Madhya Pradesh November 19, 2017   Kaun mahina mile aama amali re, kaun mahina mile jaana chaare Aeho ram, kaun mahina mile jana chaare   Jeth mahina mile aama amali re, dasehra mahina mile…
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Riddhi Pandey (compiler)
  Wealth and Sleep A Baiga story from Hirapur, Balaghat District   Once  the Cow was disputing with the Wind as to who was greater. Then Nanga Baiga (the first Baiga on earth) came by and asked them why they were fighting. The Cow said, ‘I am the greatest, for all over the world the crops grow…
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Riddhi Pandey
The Baiga community has been identified as a Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group. This community, mainly residing in the Baiga Chak region of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, is known for its intimate relationship with the forests and its wildlife, and has experienced dramatic setbacks in its ways…
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