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Aoun Hasan
A taziya, made in numerous forms and types, is a mausoleum of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, who was killed with about 100 of his men in the battle of Karbala in AD 680 by the then Syrian ruler Yazid’s army. Though the literal meaning of taziya comes from the Arabic word aza, which…
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Simran Agarwal and Shruti Chakraborty
With a multiplicity of customs and rituals attached to its celebration, ‘weddings’ sometimes take peculiar and interesting forms in the mosaic of cultures constituting India. We look at courtship and marriage customs in some Indian tribes. (In Pic: A couple from the Garo tribe; Photo Courtesy:…
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Kanza Fatima
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Shruti Chakraborty
We comb through the unique tribal practices in Chhattisgarh’s heartland, where once the modest comb was highly regarded as a symbol of a Muria man’s love and desire. (Photo Source: Courtesy Mushtak Khan/Sahapedia)   There is no doubt that anything can be turned into an object that symbolises love…
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Namrata Toraskar
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Lopamudra Talukdar
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