Area Studies

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Subha Chakraborty Dasgupta: I was doing English Literature at Lady Brabourne College and I was not nearly satisfied. I was satisfied with what I was doing but I wanted to do something else, I wanted to engage with my literatures. I wanted to read Rabindranath, and read not just Rabindranath. I…
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Judhajit Sarkar
A discipline is defined on the basis of the method that it brings to the material it aims to study. In the process of adapting the method to the material, one may have to refashion the method, incorporate certain new conceptual elements within it while doing away with certain others. Allowing the…
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S. Satish Kumar
What is Area Studies? The simplest possible understanding of this term would suggest an in-depth study of a specific area. This is not, however, like asking one what their ‘area’ of interest or research is. The ‘area’ in ‘Area Studies’ more often than not refers to an actual physical geographic…
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