Prayagraj Fellowship

The Sahapedia EXPLORE Fellowship for Prayagraj is being launched in collaboration with the Manav Vikas Sangrahalaya at the GB Pant Social Science Institute.


About the Prayagraj Fellowship

The Fellow must carry out a cultural mapping of the city and also work closely with the Manav Vikas Sangrahalaya on 2 descriptive articles about the museum, create 2 museum experiences and work with the museum on their social media for greater outreach. For further details on the deliverables, see Annexure I.


Selected candidates will be granted an award of ₹70,000. Applicable Income Tax will be deducted at source as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Thus, the award will amount to ₹63,000, which will be released in three instalments, based on the completion of specific deliverables. The procedure for disbursements will be shared upon signing the agreement.

About the Manav Vikas Sangrahalaya

The Manav Vikas Sangrahalaya came into being in January 2001. This museum aims at preserving and highlighting folk cultures, local traditions and heritage of our country. In this respect it is different from archaeological museums as it portrays the living, vibrant and dynamic aspects of Indian folk and cultural traditions which have played a role in the socio-economic development of the country, particularly Uttar Pradesh and its neighbouring regions. Besides preserving and providing sustenance to cultural attributes of society such as tribal and folk arts, literature, sports, local skills etc., it also aims to preserve and document indigenous knowledge systems in various areas as well as tools, technologies and modes of production.


The Fellowship has to be completed in the time-frame of 5 months between 31 January and 14 July, 2020. Failure to submit the Fellowship requirements within the stipulated timeframe will result in the cancelation of that Fellowship. Candidates are advised to refer to the timeline outlined in Annexure II and terms and conditions in Annexure III.


The Fellowship is available to – 

  • Graduates, with two years or more of work experience in the disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences in the broadest sense

  • Postgraduates and above, especially those qualified in the disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences in the broadest sense

  • Candidates with prior professional or academic familiarity with museums, conducting experiences or tours in museums or outside will be given preference

  • Experience with social media marketing would be very useful

Application guidelines

Each applicant must submit the following -

  1. Your CV [PDF; Max File Size 1 MB]

  2. Writing sample, a previously written essay or research paper of at least 1500 words [PDF; Max File Size 1 MB]

  3. A sample of previous photography work. [JPG; Max 5 photos each less than 2 MB]

  4. A portfolio of any previous work with museum experience creation (if any) [PDF; Max File Size 10 MB]

  5. “How can the Manav Vikas Sangrahalaya increase its engagement with audiences?” Prepare an action plan that would be suited for Manav Vikas Sangrahalaya. [Maximum 1 page - word limit 500 words] [PDF; Max File Size 1 MB]
    A few guiding points to consider while creating your plan:

    • How can the museum increase its footfall and sustain the growth over time?

    • Which target groups (age/interest/profession etc.) should the museum specifically cater to and how?

      • Through physical museum experiences

      • Through digital media

    • What funding / revenue sources can the museum look at to provide for your plan? Does your plan also help increase the museum’s financial sustainability?

    • Refer to Manav Vikas Sangrahalaya’s website for more details about the museum

Selection Process

Applicants will be shortlisted on the basis of the Selection Criteria (see below) and 1-2 rounds of telephonic/in-person interviews at the Manav Vikas Sangrahalaya.


Selection Criteria 

  • Clarity of the one-page response about museum engagement, and writing samples submitted by the candidate.

  • Assessment of sample videos based on camera work (if applicable) OR sample images submitted.

  • Assessment of the portfolios submitted.


Candidates are advised to refer to the following annexures for further information:

Annexure I – Deliverables for the Prayagraj Fellowship

Annexure II – Timeline

Annexure III – Terms and Conditions