Pattachitra: Tale of Father and Son

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Published on: 17 August 2018

M.D. Muthukumaraswamy

M.D. Muthukumaraswamy is a Tamil writer, Director of National Folklore Support Centre, Chennai, and a Consultant at Sahapedia.


Pattachitra is an art form from Odisha. Its stylisation begins with the presentation of characters, events, and action inside a decorative border. By defining the scene of an action with the border, a Pattachitra artist evenly presents the characters to depict the centrality of the action. The frontal perspective of the actions provide real depth to the scene depicted and the characters presented. A Pattachitra artist needs to have gone through very good training in drawing and colouring. Consummate draughtsman that he is, Rabindranath Sahu visually narrates the story 'Father and Son' so vividly that one does not need words to understand the story. Trained to etch on palm leaves and draw on small spaces such as cards and coins, Rabindranath Sahu handles the space available for storytelling optimally, providing the narrative detail in appropriate proportion. Seeing Rabindranath Sahu's storytelling one would believe that Pattachitra is the tradition that is closest to realistic paintings.