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Metal-work across the States

The term 'dhokra' was used to indicate a community of nomadic craftsmen of Bengal, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh, who made metal utensils, ornaments and votive objects for tribals.  Subsequently, the term 'dhokra' came to be applied more generically, and loosely, to the variety of handcrafted objects created by the lost-wax process. Metal objects with a texture of lines on their surface were also labeled dhokra craft. The liberal use of the term ‘dhokra’, which has even found its way into academic studies, is very misleading. It is important to note that, for the craftsmen themselves, dhokra is not a familiar or correct term, to denote either the craft or the community. 

Given the wide range of communities involved in the craft of metal casting across the country, the use of the generic term Folk and Tribal Metal Casting (rather than ‘dhokra’) is much more appropriate.