Imnasenla is a documentary film maker with journalism and production experience in press, radio and television. She holds a PhD in Mass Communication and Journalism. She is based in Kohima, Nagaland.


The video takes you on a journey of discovery—of Libuh, a musical instrument indigenous to the Chokri Chakhesang people of Nagaland, which is used to accompany the folk song form known as Li. The threat to the Li tradition from modern music unfolds through interviews of distinguished personalities in the field, from Mr Pusazo Venyo, cultural authority, Chokri linguist and core team member, Chokri Cultural Research Institute, to Mr Kuvesho Tetseo, renowned folk and cultural performer and teacher. The interviews cover how the instrument of Libuh originated, as well as how and when Li and Libuh are performed. The video includes short selections from live performances of Li accompanied by Libuh.

We acknowledge with gratitude the advice and cooperation extended by Mr Pusazo Venyo and Mr Kuvesho Tetseo throughout this project.