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Trick or Treat by BLOT!


A day-long event will kick off with a series of sessions and workshops that look at inviting medical practitioners, scientists and researchers to discuss key findings about the future state of healthcare in India. The workshops will culminate in a multimedia musical evening with BLOT! and other artists.

Two media installations will be presented, which have been created using documentation from the project. Each installation features audiovisual art presented within a unique artefact inspired by the context of research.  

About the Schedule:  


This is a fast-paced session sharing the Trick or Treat project with the audience, through a highly visual, media-heavy sequence of 6 presentations (none longer than 5 minutes) touching on entertaining and diverse themes such as :

- The value of informal healthcare services in India

- Opening Address by Wellcome Trust

- Setting an agenda for artistic investigations for impact

- Presented by BLOT - Brief Introduction to the project and partners

- Bloodletting, Bird Hospitals & other stories

- The experience of a photographer looking at health services for the population of India - presented by photojournalist Enrico Fabian. 

- A Day in the life of a street doctor

- 3 X short documentaries showing a day-in-the-life of a street dentist, an ear cleaner and a vitality paste seller

- Demise of the extraordinary 

- a tragic-comic view of the state of traditional healing systems of India

- Charitable Medicine : cases and musings

- Exploring all forms of services where philanthropy, religion, business fortunes and service to community coincide - in temples, in offices and on the streets

- The Indian Healthcare Access Paradox : 

- a journey through the constraints and complexities of informal healthcare through images and narratives from across the country


- Public Arts for Informal Medicine

- BLOT Music Videos

- BLOT Art Collaborations

- BLOT Performance

- UnBox / Quicksand Publication

- The Wellcome Trust IEA Grant

Followed by a performance evening.