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  • Ajiṇṭhā Caves, Part I
    AJIṆṬHĀ caves, part I Some aspects of the historical and political background Dr. Rajesh Kumar...
  • Ajanta: The Hinayana-Mahayana Transition
  • Narrative Ajanta Paintings
      The different phases of Ajanta paintings   Dieter Schlingloff   Intr...
  • Sanchi Stupa complex
    Image Gallery
    Images of various structures in the Sanchi Stupa complex, including stupas, shrines,...
  • The Buddhist caves of Aurangabad
    Image Gallery
    The image gallery captures the art and architecture of the Buddhist caves of Aurangabad. The...
  • View of the caves on the right side of the ravine
    Pitalkhora Caves
  • Pitalkhora: 'Brazen Glen' of Western India
    The rock-cut monuments of western India occupy a significant position in the history of Indian art a...
  • Aurangabad Cave Temples: An Overview
    The caves of Aurangabad lie to the north of the city in the protective bosom of the Sihyachal ranges...
  • Pitalkhora Caves
    Image Gallery
    Pitalkhora is an isolated monastic complex situated in the Aurangabad district. It houses some of...