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    Pre-Liberalization Children’s Television in India
    Doordarshan, the national television network, was the first ever channel to be launched in India in...
  • Pre-Liberalisation Children’s Television in India
      Introduction   Doordarshan, the national television network, was the first ever...
  • Use of Puppetry in Children’s Programming at Doordarshan
      Introduction   Puppetry, derived from the Greek word ‘neuroplasta’ meaning stri...
  • The Magical Days of Doordarshan's 'Magic Lamp'
    Image Gallery
      Bombay Doordarshan was launched on October 2, 1972, with two hours of programming. This...
  • Shadow puppet of a monkey king, probably Sugriva, from the Signorelli Collection (photo: Claudia Primangeli,
    Tholu Bommalata: Telugu Shadow Puppet Theatre
    Tholu bommalata (also spelled: tolu bommalata, or tholu bommalattam) is the Telugu shadow theatre tr...
  • Tholu Bommalata: A Brief Glance
    Quick Facts
  • A Selected Bibliography on Tholu Bommalata
  • Tholu Bommalata Puppets from the Signorelli Collection in Italy
    Image Gallery
    This gallery includes pictures of the South Indian shadow puppets from the Signorelli Collection...
  • Comedy Skits and Jester Puppets in Tholu Bommalata
      Introduction   Tholu Bommalata is the shadow theatre tradition of the Telugu-sp...
  • An Introduction to Indian Puppetry
      Indian puppetry is a subject as varied as the many cultural traditions of the Indian subco...
  • Tholu Bommalata Show at Adishakti Theatre
    Image Gallery
    This gallery documents the play Sundara Kandam performed by the troupe Chidambara Rao & Team at...
  • A Brief History of Pre-Liberalization Children's Television in India