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  • Oral Histories: Jasleen Dhamija
  • The Oral Historian from Borunda: Komal Kothari
    Komal Kothari, along with his friend Vijaydan Detha, founded the Rupayan Sansthan, after painstaking...
  • Rupayan Sansthan, Jodhpur: Guide to Further Reading
  • Founders Vijaydan Detha and Komal Kothari founded the Rupayan Sansthan in Borunda (Jodhpur) in 1960
    An Institutional History of Rupayan Sansthan, Jodhpur
    Sahapedia is collaborating with Rupayan Sansthan, Jodhpur, with a view to revitalise the institution...
  • A Swastika Mudra
    Mudra: Various Aspects and Dimensions
    The theory and practice of mudra is an integral part of our classical heritage. From the Vedic perio...
  • Bhavai: Folk Theatre of Gujarat
    A nomadic tribe of Gujarat, the Bhavaiyya community is known for its ancestral occupation of ‘Bhavai...
  • Summary of Basic Findings
    Researching mudras (hand gestures) and their use in various spheres has been an enriching experience...
  • Mudras Used and Exhibited in the Realm of Yoga
      The Sanskrit word “mudra” is often translated into English as “gesture”. It encompasses su...
  • Demonstration of a few Mudras
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    A few asamyukta and samyukta mudras demonstrated by Surangama Lala Dasgupta & her students.
  • Mahila Yakshagana: Where Women Become Heroes
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    ‘We don’t remain ourselves, we completely drown in the character we are playing,’ Sai Suma, a...
  • The Invisible Gender: Menzimyeors of Srinagar
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      ‘Zinda jala denge!’ (They will burn us alive), exclaimed Simran when I asked her why she...