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  • Glimpses of Woodcarving, Himachal
    Image Gallery
    Glimpses of monumental details, sculptures and art objects of wood, from Himachal Pradesh,...
  • The Woodcarvings of Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh
    In the hilly region of Chamba, which has extensive forests, wood is chiefly used for building, both...
  • Woodcarving Traditions of Nagaland
    Nagaland has a rich tradition of wood craft that has its roots in an animistic past. Woodcarving is...
  • Woodcarving Traditions of Nagaland
    Image Gallery
    Images of the wood-carving craft of different tribes of Nagaland.    
  • Woodcarving Craft of Nagaland: An Overview
  • Woodcarving Traditions of Nagaland
  • String Masters: Sitarmakers of Miraj
    Image Gallery
    Miraj is a historic town located in Sangli district of southern Maharashtra. This region, bordering...