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  • Ajrak: The Sacred Cloth of Sindh
    Sindhu or River Indus emerges from the Himalayas, and flows through the Punjab into Sindh,...
  • Sun, Fire, River, Ajrak: Cloth from the Soil of Sindh, 1998
  • Sindhworkis: A Unique Global Diaspora
    A multimedia module on the Bhaiband Sindhworkis, a Hindu trading community that was originally from...
  • At a Glance: The Bhaibhand Sindhworkis
    Quick Facts
  • Locating Sindh in the Trading World of Asia
    Indian Ocean trade routes. Credit: on November 27,...
  • East India Company and the Growth of Sindhi Multinational Trade
    Power and Hindu minorities   How powerful were Hindu minorities in colonial and pre-colon...
  • The Early British Traders in Sindh
    [This article was read before the Sindh Historical Society, Karachi, on March 25, 1934, and was...
  • Sindhi Entrepreneurs and their Pearling Enterprise in the Persian Gulf
    From the early modern period till this day, the Sindhis continue to be one of the imperative, dynami...
  • Seclusion in Glamorous Locales: The Life of a Sindhworki Wife
    Introduction   Monica Mahtani Bhojwani was born in a prisoner of war camp in France in 19...
  • My Ordinary Life: Seventy Years and Five Continents
    Sindh: The land of my ancestors   I am a fourth-generation Bhaiband. In our community, th...
  • The Sindhworkis: A Unique Global Diaspora
    The Bhaibands, a Hindu trading community located in pockets all around the world today, originated i...
  • Family Structures and Lifestyle Patterns of Sindhworkis
    Life was a struggle for the men who went on Sindhwork, but they invariably came home with money. Thi...