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  • Shahjahanabad
    Image Gallery
    Images in this gallery cover the stretch between Chawri Bazaar and the Jama Masjid in the...
  • Mirza Ghalib
    Quick Facts
  • Iftar in Shahjahanabad: Breaking the Fast
  • Kashmiri Gate
    Image Gallery
    Kashmiri Gate was one of the original gates of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan's mid-17th century...
  • Breakfast Walk through Old Delhi
      Video transcript   Anubhav Sapra: This is a very famous shop named Haji Shabrat...
  • Domes of Delhi
    Image Gallery
    The dome is a common element across Indian architecture, especially in religious monuments of...
  • Qalai: A Waning Art
          “Bhande qalai kara lo! (Get your utensils tinned!)” The qalaigars...
  • The Bhishtis of Shahjahanabad: Negotiating Oblivion
      The last functioning bhishtis of the old city of Delhi operate from a makeshift worksh...
  • Shahjahanabad: Metamorphosis of an Old City and it’s Enveloped Heritage
    What comprises the geographical area of Delhi today is a cluster of several old cities of historical...
  • Shahjahanabad and its Havelis: In Conversation with Narayani Gupta
    Priya Chauhan: Delhi is often talked about not as a city but almost as a whole living entity .. What...
  • A Brief History of the Family of Rai Chunnamal
    Library Artifacts
    A book on the history of the family of the first Municipal Commisioner of Delhi, Rai Chunnamal,...
  • Bibliography: Havelis of Shahjahanabad