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Musical instruments

  • Bishnupur: A Land of Terracotta Temples
    Legend has it that in the year 102 of the Malla Era or 695 CE, a lady died while giving birth to a s...
  • Photo Essay on Arna Jharna: The Desert Museum
    Photo courtesy Rupayan Sansthan   (With inputs from Vishal Pratap Singh Deo, Kuldeep Koth...
  • Conceptualising the Desert Museum
  • Yakshagana: The Performance
    Yakshagana is one of the most popular folk theatre forms of Karnataka. It is noted for its music, co...
  • Music and Musical Instruments in the Paintings of Akbarnama
    Library Artifacts
    The article is a brief study of the paintings in Abu'l Fazl's Akbarnama, to get a glimpse of th...
  • News and Notes— NCPAQ December 9.4, 1980
    Library Artifacts
    The articles features news and notes from an exhibition on the work of Satyajit Ray, an exhibition o...
  • Reflections on a Violin
    Library Artifacts
    T. C. Satyanath writes about the Violin, its different models, parts of the instrument and some of t...
  • Some Earliest Literary References to the Sarangi
    Library Artifacts
    The article lists some of the earliest literary references to Sarangi.
  • The Relevance of Professor C.V. Raman to the Physical Theory of Musical Instruments
    Library Artifacts
    The article gives a brief description regarding the theories of Indian physicist C.V. Raman on music...
  • Veena Dhanammal
    Hailing from a lineage of court dancers and musicians, Veena Dhanammal created her own niche in the...
  • The Sarangi Family, by Joep Bor
    Library Artifacts
    This article by Joep Bor is a study on the different types of Sarangis played across India.
  • The Classical Sarangi, by Joep Bor
    Library Artifacts
    This article by Joep Bor is about the classical sarangi, used in classical music, the make...