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  • The Malakar Community and their Craft
      The article sheds light on how shola craft is actually made by the artisans and the commun...
  • Paithani Saree: Motifs and Meanings
    Image Gallery
    This photo documentation is a brief description of the motifs commonly found on a Paithani saree....
  • Dimasa Textiles: Quick Facts
    Quick Facts
  • Dimasa Textiles: Further Reading
  • Kapdagondas: Motifs and Technique
    The Dongariya Kondh women embroider Kapdagondas for their family members, lovers and themselves. The...
  • The Dimasa Kacharis of Cachar District: An Overview
    Identity The Dimasa Kachari tribe in Cachar District of Assam is a sub-group of the Dimasa commun...
  • Dimasa Weaving Process
    Image Gallery
    This image gallery is a visual representation of Dimasa textile weaving process and techniques.
  • Dimasa Textile Motifs
    Image Gallery
    A visual representation of textile motifs with their associated meanings, used in the handlooms...
  • Dimasa Costumes
    Image Gallery
    A visual representation of the costumes of Dimasa Kachari people
  • Dimasa Textiles: Weaving Techniques and Processes, Terminology and History
    People and Practices: An Outline This article is based on a study of the textile practices of the...
  • पनिका टेक्सटाइल्स : मोटिफ्स एवं पैटर्नस/ Panika textiles: motifs and patterns
    पनका बुनकरों द्वारा बुने  जाने वाले पैटर्न एवं मोटिफ्स (यह आलेख गांव तोकापाल , बस्तर के राष्...