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  • Leeba (appliqué work of Manipur): In Conversation with L. Bino Devi
    Richana: Please say your name. Bino: My name is Lourembam Bino Devi. I’m from Singjamei Mathak Th...
  • Gaan Ngai Festival
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    Gaan Ngai is the biggest festival of the Zeliagrong people who live in different parts of...
  • Shami Lanmi and Wankhei phi
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    Shami Lanmi is one of the decorative cloths traditionally used in Manipur. It is a special...
  • Cultural Significance of the Lai Haraoba
    Lai Haraoba is the re-enactment of creation. Embedded in this festival are the cultural and artistic...
  • Lai Haraoba Rituals and Dances
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    The Lai Haraoba is an important religious festival celebrated primarily among the Meitei community...
  • Manipuri Ponies & Origins of Polo
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    I heard about the Manipuri Pony in 2013 from L. Somi Roy, a cultural conservationist from...
  • NCPA Quarterly. Vol 3. No. 3. September 1974
    Library Artifacts
  • Manipuri Sankirtana, by E. Nilakanta Singh
    Library Artifacts
    E. Nilakanta Singh writes about the different styles of Manipuri Sankirtana.
  • Gaan Ngai: A Festival of the Zeliangrong Nagas
    Zeliangrong is a portmanteau of Zeme, Liangmai and Rongmei (Ze + Liang + Rong), three cognate g...
  • The Vaishnava Temples of Manipur: An Historical Study
    (The banner image shows the Shri Krishna Temple of Brahmapur Guruaribam Leikai, Imphal. Photographs...
  • Harmony with A.R. Rahman: Embodying India’s Musical Heritage
    While the concept of different musicians jamming on-camera is not new, A.R. Rahman’s Web series is a...
  • Transformations of Meanings and Rasa in Inter-Semiotic Translations Across Genres
      In this thought-provoking essay Prof. H.S. Shivaprakash posits the possible limits of rasa...