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Magic Lamp

  • Panna_Doordarshan Logo
    Pre-Liberalization Children’s Television in India
    Doordarshan, the national television network, was the first ever channel to be launched in India in...
  • Pre-Liberalisation Children’s Television in India
      Introduction   Doordarshan, the national television network, was the first ever...
  • Magic Lamp – Doordarshan’s Star Programme for Children in the 70s
      Humble Beginnings With a compact team of 5 producers, Bombay Doordarshan1 was inaugura...
  • The Magical Days of Doordarshan's 'Magic Lamp'
    Image Gallery
      Bombay Doordarshan was launched on October 2, 1972, with two hours of programming. This...
  • A Brief History of Pre-Liberalization Children's Television in India
  • Creating Magic Lamp for Doordarshan: In Conversation with Shukla Das
      Background: Shukla Das is a veteran in the film and television industry, having...
  • Anchoring Doordarshan's 'Kilbil': In Conversation with Meena Naik
      Background: Famed puppeteer Meena Naik shares her experience anchoring Kilbil, the popular...