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Krishan Chander

  • Interview with K.A. Abbas by K.K. Nayyar
      के.के. नैयर- ख्वाजा अहमद अब्बास साहब मैं हाज़िर हुआ हूँ आपके पास इस इरादे से की आप के फन,फन...
  • The Non-Communist Communist
    A review of Bread Beauty Revolution: Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, eds. Syeda Saiyidain Hameed and Iffat Fatim...
  • Letter to a Child Born on August 15 (Selected Writings of K.A. Abbas)
    ‘You are free!' Three words uttered by Premier Kher of Bombay from the balcony of the Government Sec...
  • The Presence of a Language: Journeys in Urdu Literature
      A literary memoir on the raptures of discovering Urdu literature, this lyrical essay is th...