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  • S.S.Toshkhani on Kashmir Shaivism
  • Abhinavagupta
    Abhinavagupta is widely acknowledged as the foremost exponent of the school of Kashmir Shaivism in I...
  • Wooden Constructions in the Himalayan Region: In Conversation with O.C. Handa
      Chandramolle Modgil: How significant is wood as a raw material in Himalayan art and archit...
  • Polished bone tools, Burzahom (After IAR 1961–62:Pl.XXXVII)
    Prehistoric Archaeology of Kashmir
    The history and archaeology of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is very interesting and promising. Unf...
  • Glimpses of Prehistoric Kashmir
    Image Gallery
    Below are images of the landscapes and material remains that have come to light in the course...
  • Communication and Trade Networks in Prehistoric Kashmir
    In conversation with Dr. Nayanjot Lahiri, Professor of History at Ashoka University, about communica...
  • Prehistoric Archaeology of Kashmir: An Overview
    The valley of Kashmir, located in the lap of the Western Himalayas, has Pleistocene[1] loess[2] depo...
  • Further Readings
  • The Religious Iconography and Stylistic Analysis of the Alchi Group of Monuments
    The ‘Alchi murals’ have become one of the highlights of the cultural heritage of Ladakh leading to t...
  • Cross-Cultural Influences in the Early Buddhist Art of Ladakh
    ​Ladakh is situated in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir in the Western Himalayas, and is bounde...
  • Alchi Group of Monuments: Guide to Further Reading
  • Festivals: A Celebration of Hope
    Image Gallery
    'An outlandish celebration of the victory of good over evil, unbridled expressions of angry...