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  • Spiders
    Image Gallery
    These images illustrate spiders in their natural habitat, their diagnostic characterics and some...
  • Yakshagana: Performative Traditions
    A performing art form from Karnataka, Yakshagana is a heady combination of dance, music, costume and...
  • Yakshagana: The Performance
    Yakshagana is one of the most popular folk theatre forms of Karnataka. It is noted for its music, co...
  • Yakshagana: Performative Traditions
    Quick Facts
  • Yakshagana and Bharatanritya: A Jugalbandhi
  • The Yakshagana of Karnataka
    Library Artifacts
    K. Shivram Karnath outlines the history of Yakshagana and its structure, discusses the role of...
  • Yakshagana Puppets
    Library Artifacts
    The article introduces briefly with all the various elements that come together and form the pu...
  • Ekavyakthi Yakshagana: In Conversation with Mantapa Prabhakara Upadhya
    Introduction by Dr Manorama B. N.   Mantapa is a popular name among the female role play...
  • Siddhis of Karnataka: Eid in Tottilgundi
    Image Gallery
    These are photographs clicked in the village of Tottilgundi, Karnataka, before and during the Eid...
  • The Siddhi Way of Life: In Conversation with Diyug Siddhi
      Saubhagya Pai: Could you tell us a bit about yourself and this village?   Diyug...
  • Dalapathi: Community-oriented Police Practices in Karnataka
      This article attempts to follow the timeline and origins of the 'Police Patel system' and...
  • The Basel Mission and its Terracotta Products in Karnataka
      There is one material that can lend form to objects as diverse as a piece of jewellery, a...