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Jammu and Kashmir

  • Mural Paintings from Jammu: Burj Temple
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    Mural paintings from Raghunath Temple, Burj, Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Of Faith and Myth: History at a Shrine at the Border
    There is an enormous amount of silence that surrounds the border, moving swiftly through the vast ye...
  • Siraz Map
    Sarazi: Endangered Language of the Chenab Valley
    Saraz is a region in the Jammu division of Jammu and Kashmir state of India. The spelling (Romanː Si...
  • Saraz and Sarazi: Situating a Language and Linguistic Zone in Jammu and Kashmir
      This essay introduces the linguistic zone of Saraz in the state of Jammu and Kashmir where...
  • Zanskar: Beyond the Chadar Trek
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    Tundup Wangail still remembers the first time he set foot on the frozen Zanskar river 40 years ago...
  • Afloat: Life on the Dal Lake
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    The time is 5:30 am. There is a nip in the air. As far as my eyes can see, the serene blue lake is...
  • The Invisible Gender: Menzimyeors of Srinagar
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      ‘Zinda jala denge!’ (They will burn us alive), exclaimed Simran when I asked her why she...