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  • Mural painting
    Mural Paintings from Jammu: Sui and Burj Temples
    Jammu is known as the city of ancient temples. One such class of temples, located in the Marh Block,...
  • Of Faith and Myth: History at a Shrine at the Border
    There is an enormous amount of silence that surrounds the border, moving swiftly through the vast ye...
  • The Mughal Imperial Road: Jammu and Kashmir Section
    Upon the annexation of Kashmir by Emperor Akbar in 1586 CE, efforts were made by the Mughal Empire t...
  • The Mughal Imperial Road
    Quick Facts
  • The Culture of Travel on the Mughal Imperial Road
      Background   The Mughal era left in its wake not only a legacy of military prow...
  • Conserving the Mughal Imperial Road: A Case Study of Chingus Sarai
      Background   Today, Sarai Chingus is synonymous with the cultural heritage of t...
  • Humans of Mughal Imperial Road
    Image Gallery
    The Mughal Imperial Road survives through the people that travel down it every day and the stories...
  • Landscapes from the Mughal Road
    Image Gallery
      The Mughal Imperial Road meanders through diverse topographies -  the rugged,...
  • Historicising the Culture of Travel: In Conversation with William Dalrymple
      Parshati Dutta: What are some significant cultural routes in India that you are familiar w...
  • Historical Sites on the Mughal Imperial Road
    Image Gallery
    Key sites and architectual remains on the Mughal Imperial Road, from Nowshera to Khampur Sarai...
  • Mural Paintings from Jammu: Sui Simbli Temple
    Image Gallery
    The gallery features murals from the late medieval Raghunath temple, the Sui Simbli complex in...
  • Songs of Saraz Region | Baiyaa Suniyaarwaa
      Baiyaa suniyaarwaa ikko jatt de Saade kaanhe jiyan de kapde kanhaiyaa ji de kapde Ha...