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Indian cinema

  • পথের পাঁচালী’র দেশ / The World of Pather Panchali
    বিভূতিভূষণ–সত্যজিতের 'পথের পাঁচালী' শিখিয়েছে 'দেশ' মানে পতাকা আর ম্যাপ নয়, দেশ মানে ঘরের হ...
  • Interview with K.A. Abbas by K.K. Nayyar
      के.के. नैयर- ख्वाजा अहमद अब्बास साहब मैं हाज़िर हुआ हूँ आपके पास इस इरादे से की आप के फन,फन...
  • New Narratives for the New Age: The Cinema of K.A. Abbas
    Scriptwriter, director, writer, journalist K.A. Abbas’ contribution to Hindi cinema is unique i...
  • K.A. Abbas: At a Glance
    Quick Facts
  • Abbas Khwaab Haqeeqat Zindagi: The Life and Works of K.A. Abbas
    Khwaja Ahmad Abbas (June 7, 1914 – June 1, 1987) was an Indian film director and producer, novelist,...
  • The Non-Communist Communist
    A review of Bread Beauty Revolution: Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, eds. Syeda Saiyidain Hameed and Iffat Fatim...
  • The National Film Awards 1974
    Library Artifacts
    The article is about the National Film Awards, 1974.
  • Review of Publications on Indian Cinema
    Library Artifacts
    Review of three publications focusing on Indian cinema: The Indian Film in Yojna (Delhi: P...
  • Review: Guru Dutt (1925—1964), by Henri Micciollo
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    Review of Guru Dutt (1925—1964) by Henri Micciollo (L'Avant-Scene du Cinema No. 158. 1975)
  • Larger Than Life: Film Poster Painters of Bengaluru
    Image Gallery
    In the Cooch Behar of the late 1980s, I used to pass two single-screen theatres on my way to school...