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  • Warp Threads: The warp or vertical threads in the loom which crisscross with the weft threads to form the Swan and Lotus motif
    Sambalpuri Textiles
    Sambalpuri textiles are one of reasons the state of Odisha is known all over the world. It is cotton...
  • Brocade Weaving of Mubarakpur, U.P.
    One of the few weavers from the Dawoodi Bohra community (Mubarakpur, Azamgarh), Abdullah w...
  • Muslin Jamdani: In Conversation with Rajib Debnath
  • Paithani Saree of Maharashtra
    The Paithani saree derives its name from Paithan, the town which has been producing these exquisite...
  • Paithani Saree: Salient Features
    Quick Facts
  • The Life Story of a Paithani Saree
      The Paithani, a pure silk saree with a zari of gold and silver traces its origin to the br...
  • Paithani Saree: Woven Histories of Maharashtra
      India is well known since ancient times for its handloom and cloth weaving industry. One o...
  • Paithani Saree: Motifs and Meanings
    Image Gallery
    This photo documentation is a brief description of the motifs commonly found on a Paithani saree....
  • An Introduction to the Handlooms of Maharashtra
      A lot can be learnt from the socio-cultural aspects of a community through the food, langu...
  • How to Recognise a Real Paithani Saree
    Image Gallery
    This infographic tells you how to recognise a real Paithani saree from a fake one. These five...
  • Dimasa Textiles: Quick Facts
    Quick Facts
  • Dimasa Textiles: Further Reading