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Glove Puppets

  • Puppets of India: Beni Putul from Bengal
    This module introduces the tradition of Beni Putul or glove puppetry from West B...
  • Puppets of India: Beni Putul from Bengal
    Image Gallery
    Images of Beni Putul puppetry from Bengal: master puppeteer Basanta Kumar Ghorai demonstrates...
  • Bibliography: Beni Putul (Glove Puppets from Bengal)
  • Beni Putul (Glove Puppetry) in Bengal: Problems and Prospects
    I   The systematic study of puppetry and puppets is a very recent phenomenon in India, al...
  • The Vietnamese Puppets
    Library Artifacts
    Tran Van Khe writes about Mua Roi Nuoc, the water puppets of Vietnam, and their origin, the tec...
  • Pavakathakali— The Traditional Glove-Puppet Play of Kerala, by G. Venu
    Library Artifacts
    G. Venu writes aboout Pavakathakali, the traditional glove-puppet play of Kerala, the puppets u...
  • Magic Lamp – Doordarshan’s Star Programme for Children in the 70s
      Humble Beginnings With a compact team of 5 producers, Bombay Doordarshan1 was inaugura...
  • Use of Puppetry in Children’s Programming at Doordarshan
      Introduction   Puppetry, derived from the Greek word ‘neuroplasta’ meaning stri...
  • The Magical Days of Doordarshan's 'Magic Lamp'
    Image Gallery
      Bombay Doordarshan was launched on October 2, 1972, with two hours of programming. This...