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Did you know the origin of Bhelpuri or the Pav bhaji? What is
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Jaipur , Rajasthan
The barren land of Rajasthan is home to generations of valiant
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With its colonial past and cosmopolitan culture, Secunderabad,


Folk theatre

  • Bonbibi-r Palagaan
  • Mudiyettu: The Ritual Theatre
    Image Gallery
    Images of different stages of the folk art form of Mudiyettu
  • Kalaranga: Images from the Archives
    Image Gallery
    The images are from the archives of 'Yakshagana Kalaranga', an institution inaugurated by Dr Kota...
  • Yakshagana
    Image Gallery
    The gallery contains images of Yakshagana artistes and performances. The images are from the...
  • Yakshagana: The Performance
    Yakshagana is one of the most popular folk theatre forms of Karnataka. It is noted for its music, co...
  • Yakshagana: Performative Traditions
    Quick Facts
  • In Conversation with Begar Shivkumar
  • Yakshagana: Female Roles & Costume
    Image Gallery
    The gallery displays the vibrancy of female costumes in Yakshagana (photographs sourced from...
  • Bhavai: Folk Theatre of Gujarat
    A nomadic tribe of Gujarat, the Bhavaiyya community is known for its ancestral occupation of ‘Bhavai...
  • A Brief Introduction to Bhavai
      Bhavai is a popular folk theatre form in Gujarat with a 700-year old history. The word Bha...
  • A Bhavaiyya's Tale
      Performers are essential to any art form. In Bhavai, they assume even greater significance...
  • Experiences of a Rural Bhavai Troupe