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  • Carving Memories: Migration, Cuisine and Identity in South Konkan
    Introduction Ajoba, my maternal grandfather, takes a sip of steaming tea. Eyes twinkling with nos...
  • Marathi Food
    Image Gallery
    Images of diverse food related practices from various parts of Maharashtra, including Konkan, Goa,...
  • Our Food Their Food: A Historical Overview of the Bengali Platter
    Bengal has been famous for its food and cuisine ever since the establishment of civilization in the...
  • Food Cultures of Bengal
  • Bengal is the Rice Bowl of India
  • Gender in Food: Food Habits of Bengali Women
    Ancient Indian tradition describes food as prana, i.e., life, as food sustains life, and provid...
  • Bengali platter
    Image Gallery
    Images of Bengali dishes  
  • M. Natesh: To Raise a Mockingbird
    M.Natesh (b.1960) is a polymath of an artist with a prodigious output of paintings and drawings. Add...
  • M. Natesh: Paintings, Drawings, Installations
    Image Gallery
    A selection of acrylic paintings, sketches and installations by M. Natesh, curated by M.D....