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Architectural heritage

  • Pyaav juxtaposed in the stark reality of Mumbai metropolis
    Pyaavs: Drinking Water Fountains of Mumbai
    This module is a holistic study of the traditional drinking water fountains of Mumbai, known as pyaa...
  • Pyaavs of Mumbai: A Brief Look
    Quick Facts
  • Pyaavs: The Drinking Water Fountains of Mumbai
      Memorialising has been a celebrated act in India through architecture, sculptures and monu...
  • Documenting Mumbai's Pyaavs: In Conversation with Dr. Varsha Shirgaonkar
      Historian and author of the book Water Heritage of Mumbai (2011), Dr. Varsha Shirgaonkar s...
  • Architectural Context of Pyaavs: In Conversation with Rahul Chemburkar
      Conservation architect Rahul Chemburkar talks about understanding the contexts of the...
  • Pyaavs of Mumbai: From Past to Present
      Voiceover Text My cousin writes from Hyderapot My only chance to snatch, And says the...
  • Khari Baoli: Finding Spaces & Spices
    Image Gallery
    Khari Baoli is a space of many textures, colours, sounds and aromas. The streets are continuously...
  • Globalised Since 1510: Transitional Morphology of Surat
      Having been in existence since the Mauryan era, Surat is known for its entrepreneurship an...
  • City and Plasticity
      As a child, your relationship with a city is confined to the area with which you share a s...
  • The Old City of Surat
    Surat, since its inception, has been recognised as a cosmopolitan city with a multitude of...
  • Surat Revisited
      It is important to understand the role of Surat as a centre of international trade in...
  • Globalized Since 1510: The Transitional Morphology of Old Surat
    Quick Facts